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IPAF Harness Use and Inspection

To instruct the candidate in the basic theoretical and practical knowledge required to efficiently use fall arrest and restraint equipment and to carry out pre use harness and lanyard inspections as required by current legislations.

Course Content:

Course Content:
– Health and safety at work legislation and regulations
– Identifying all types of arrest and restraint equipment
– Selecting fall arrest and restraint equipment
– Traceability
– CE markings
– Correct fitting of harnesses
– Shock absorbing lanyards and fall arrest blocks
– Anchor points and connectors
– Care, storage and maintenance of equipment
– Inspection of harness and recording requirements
– Manufacturers instruction manual MIM and associated paperwork
– Rescue provision

Key Learning Objectives:

Be aware and confident of
– Inspecting equipment to ensure they are safe and fit for purpose
– Selecting the correct work equipment and restraint systems
– Putting on a harness correctly

Course Method

Instruction in both theory and practical sessions.

Personal Protective Equipment:

– Harness


IPAF certificate of competence*

*If you complete your IPAF harness training within 4 weeks of completing an IPAF categorised course, your harness training will be processed as an upgrade and you will receive a new PAL card with harness as an additional category. The harness category would be backdated to the original date of your IPAF training.

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